It is time for organizations, professionals and entrepreneurs to live and work from a space of calmness, focus, vitality and contribution. It is time to start talking seriously about how we can embrace our lives and our work from a more balanced state, a more deep connection with who we really are, and more awareness about what it really takes to keep on the frenetic speed and caos that most of the times lead our lives and our organizations.

The culture of more, faster, bigger is not working anymore.  We need to allow ourselves to integrate healthy rituals and tools to being able to cope with our personal and professional lives in a more sensitive and joyful way. Meditation& Mindfulness are great practices for this. I encourage you to discover a little bit more about this amazing practice in the Course that will take place at La Terminal, in Zaragoza, during the month of April and May. See more in Meditation&Mindfulness for Work Life Balance.